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    Kitchen Specials West Palm Beach
    Plumbing Supplies West Palm Beach Countertops West Palm Beach

    10' X 10' Special for only $2199

    kitchen cabinet pictures The Platinum Collection is a 3/4" Framelesss cabinet. It is 3/4" everywhere on the box. The sides, back and front are all 3/4" wood. The cabinet is Frameless which gives you 20% more room than a Framed cabinet. The inside, bottom and sides are finished also. This is a very high-end quality material. It looks great when installed properly. The doors come in different species of wood. See below all the specs of the Platinum Collection!
    kitchen cabinet pictures
    Kitchen Cabinetry West Palm Beach Modena  
    Clean Contemporary
    » Style: Shaker
    » Species: Beach
    With the beauty and character of the Shaker Cabinets, these quality crafted cabinets are a popular choice for kitchens.
    kitchen cabinet pictures
    Laminate Flooring Fort Lauderdale Toscana  
    Tuscan Treasure
    » Style: Shaker
    » Species: Alder
    Timeless elegance, too beautiful to resist, color that mellows with age. All of these accolades are deserved when speaking of the kitchen that perfectly fits your lifestyle.
    kitchen cabinet pictures
    kitchen cabinet pictures Prestige/Praga  
    Refined Simplicity
    » Style: Mitered,Raised Panel,
    » Species: Maple
    Warmth and Charm for that kitchen of your dreams is beautiful captured by our Harvest Bronze Glaze. Our Harvest Glaze gives the wood a versatile and expressive appearance.
    Kitchen Remodeling Fort Lauderdale
    Kitchen Remodel Fort Lauderdale Lexington  
    Timeless Classic
    » Style:Mitered, Raised Panel
    » Species: Cherry
    Lexington's color grows richer with time. It's all part of the charm, richness and lasting appeal that makes cherry the perfect choice for your kitchen.
    Kitchen Remodeling Fort Lauderdale
    Kitchen Remodel Fort Lauderdale Camden  
    Timeless Traditional
    » Style:Raised Panel
    » Species: Alder
    The best of the timeless Traditional Style Cabinets and the beauty of Alder wood brings out the best in the Camden Collection. Camden comes in a full overlay with the elegance of its rich style.
    Kitchen Remodeling Fort Lauderdale
    Kitchen Remodel Fort Lauderdale Hampton  
    Refined Simplicity
    » Style:Shaker
    » Species: Alder
    This contemporary Beach Style Cabinet is always a favorite with a clean white lacquer and sleek look.
    Kitchen Remodeling Fort Lauderdale
    Kitchen Remodel Fort Lauderdale Madison  
    Contemporary Beauty
    » Style:Shaker
    » Species: Alder
    Madison is beautiful Expresso Contemporary Shaker style cabinet with a full overlay design. Rich and Elegant to make a big statement.
    Kitchen Remodeling Fort Lauderdale
    Kitchen Remodel Fort Lauderdale Boardwalk  
    Contemporary Traditional
    » Style:Rasied Pillow
    » Species: Alder
    Boardwalk is a style in itself with a Raised panel door and a slight feel for the shaker makes a perfect style for a contemporary traditional feel. The Walnut color gives it a warm touch to add to your kitchen.
    kitchen cabinets
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